The institutional marketplace for clean energy investments

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Institutional investors

Alter5 is a financial technology platform that provides direct access to a wide range of curated sustainable investments. Institutional investors can easily invest in and build diversified portfolios of sustainable alternative assets with a broad mix of risk-return profiles.

  • Investment funds
  • Pension funds
  • Insurance companies
  • Family offices
  • Asset managers
  • Private banks

Direct access to a diverse set of curated renewable energy investment opportunities

Financing and equity investment opportunities and programs in EU-based wind and solar assets in different stages of development: pre-construction, construction and operation. Through our local financing and equity programs, we select a wide range of developers and clean energy projects.

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Our business vision

Financial returns from institutional-grade sustainable assets

Alter5 aims to provide competitive returns using investment strategies that are tailored to the different risk-return profiles of institutional investors. All products on the platform are subject to a comprehensive and ad-hoc validation process.

Open financial and technology architecture

Alter5 brings together leading players in the sustainable economy—primarily asset managers and investors as well as a wider set of actors, including advisors, construction companies, industrial operators and consumers, researchers and academics, all of whom contribute to the sector and can benefit from our platform.

A catalyst of the new European Union

Alter5 aspires to become a major actor in the Green New Deal, which will pave the way for the transformation of the European economy. Alter5 also aims to accelerate this transformation through our platform by connecting investors with prime ESG alternative investment opportunities.