A new investment context

The sustainability imperative

Building a more sustainable economy has become an essential—if not existential—objective. Sustainability, in its social and environmental dimensions, is now an integral part of every investment strategy. In fact, sustainable factors such as climate-related risks and socially-conscious investments are becoming key elements of any long-term investment.

However, investing in sustainable assets is still highly inefficient due to lack of access, lack of standardization and high costs.

Alter5 is committed to transforming how institutional investors access alternative green assets by providing the necessary infrastructure for companies investors to quickly and efficiently allocate capital to curated sustainable projects, ultimately in a bid to accelerate the transformation of European economy.

Specifically, Alter5 provides green certification in line with the European Union’s new taxonomy framework. As investors become more selective in their sustainable investments, Alter 5 has identified the need for a shift from general ESG investment criteria to more specialised and sophisticated analyses of investments. To accomplish this, Alter5 is partnering with leading institutions to ensure an exhaustive screening of each investment onboarding.

Post COVID-19 Commitment

A European Green New Deal

The European Union has set ambitious targets in its proposed transformation of the European economy following the Covid-19 pandemic.

Building on existing efforts, the European Green New Deal aims at mobilising capital to create a more competitive green market in Europe. This new growth strategy turns climate and environmental challenges into areas of transformation and investment. Clean energy, energy efficiency and financial solutions for small and medium sized businesses looking to “go green” are all core elements of this strategy.

Alter5 is committed to taking up the vanguard in this transformation by connecting sustainable investments with institutional capital to finance this green transformation.

Starting with the clean energy sector, Alter5 is building a unique digital process to select the best sustainable assets and provide investors with attractive risk-return opportunities, accelerating the transformation of the European economy and providing new investment opportunities that give sustainable companies the capital they need to build environmentally friendly businesses.

As part of our commitment, during 2020 Alter 5 will not charge project developers any fixed fees for the services provided by our investment platform. Rather, Alter 5 will only charge should the project be able to raise capital in the form of equity or debt through the platform.

About our name

Alter 5


“Alter” comes from the Latin “other”, and refers to the need to shift towards a different economic model, more focused on sustainable growth and responsible investment principles.


The ancient Greeks identified the 4 elements that ensured the balance of nature: earth, water, fire and air; today, a fifth element is needed to protect a seriously threatened world and accelerate the changes towards a sustainable society and economy: capital.