A financial and technology institutional platform to invest in sustainable alternatives assets

A diverse set of certified green bonds and sustainable equity investments

Alter5 is a business-to-business open architecture platform integrated with asset managers and institutional investors that provides curated sustainable assets.

The model entails two elements: A digital platform for asset managers and institutional investors that provides access to a broad set of alternative asset and a Luxembourg-based green bond issuance vehicle that standardizes the investment process and capital flows into the assets.




Assets are validated, curated & structured

Institutional grade asset offering

Alter5 technology platform

Luxembourg-domiciled green bond & equity issuance infrastructure

Green bonds and green equity offering

A diversified set of
investment strategies

Alter5 works with institutional investors to develop curated investment strategies in sustainable alternative assets. If you are a pension fund, insurance companies, asset manager or a family office, Alter5 will develop strategies that correspond to your investment criteria—seeking the best risk-return ratio in a portfolio of high quality sustainable assets.

Standardized and secure
financial platform

All investments are made through European Sustainable Investments SRL, a Luxembourg-domiciled vehicle. This structure enables all investments to be channeled seamlessly in a standardized manner regardless of the asset type. All green bonds issued by the platform may be listed on the Luxembourg Green Exchange, a fixed income market that is also part of the Luxembourg Stock Exchange. Alter5 provides a wide-ranging set of services to support investors during the life of an investment.

Alter5 enhanced solution

  • Marketplace

    Direct access to a wide range of curated sustainable assets in different verticals, provided by a diverse set of originators

  • Standarization

    A standardized and digitized process to assess, invest in, track and divest from each underlying asset.

  • Customization

    Ample flexibility to build tailored portfolios in line with investors’ risk-return profile, investment values and strategy