Alter5 is a digital and financial platform that enables investment in renewable energy project debt.
Through Alter5, institutional investors such as pension funds, insurance companies, mutual and fixed income managers can invest directly and in this type of assets.




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    Alter5 Green Energy Bond Program

    Alter5 offers investors an ESG impact dashboard, providing real-time ESG-related and financial information on investments. In addition to complying with the EU Taxonomy Framework and the Green Bond Principles.

    Alter5 has partnered with the European Investment Fund to develop financial solutions to accelerate the energy transition.

    Green Energy Bond

    Alter5 Green Energy Bond is a green bond program for financing the construction of photovoltaic and wind farms. The program has been designed in partnership with the European Investment Fund and is aimed at insurers, pension funds and fixed income managers seeking direct investments in renewable energy project debt (project bond).

    Through our digital platform, investors in the Green Energy Bond can access the Alter5 Green Investor Panel, where they can access all the financial and ESG details of the investments, as well as set up investment portfolios.

    Program Information

    Direct Invest

    Equity, Subordinated Debt and Mezzanine

      Alter5 allows investors from all over the world -renewable energy funds, asset managers, insurance companies, pension funds, family offices- to access and invest in projects in a fully digital environment. Our Alter5 Direct Invest solution simplifies the access, assessment and investment process in this asset class. Alter5 works with institutional investors to develop curated investment strategies in sustainable alternative assets. If you are a pension fund, insurance companies, asset manager or a family office, Alter5 can develop strategies that correspond to your investment criteria—seeking the best risk-return ratio in a portfolio of high quality sustainable assets. All in a fully digital environment.
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    alter Green Impact Dashboard

    Financial and green returns
    from institutional-grade sustainable assets

    Alter5 aims to provide competitive returns using investment strategies that are tailored to the different risk-return profiles of institutional investors. All products on the platform are subject to a comprehensive and ad-hoc validation process.

    Open financial and
    technology architecture

    Alter5 brings together leading players in the sustainable economy—primarily asset managers and investors as well as a wider set of actors, including advisors, construction companies, industrial operators, all of whom contribute to the sector and can benefit from our platform.

    Alter5 Green Impact

    Alter5 provides to investors the most comprehensive green investment information tools to assess and monitor investments. Through our Alter5 Green Impact Dashboard, we evaluate investments according to the EU Taxonomy Framework, Green Bond Criteria and our proprietary Alter5 Green Impact Index.