AS Green Connect APIs

A5 Green Connect - Investment API

The A5 Investment API provides direct integration with the Alter5 Investment Portal. Via the portal, investors can access a wide range of renewable energy projects seeking development, construction and/or long-term financing. These financing opportunities can be invested via Alter5 Green Bond issuance platform.

For financial institutions, asset managers and financial advisers, the API allows full access to the Alter5 investment offering within their existing systems and client investment platforms.

Access via the API is unique for each institution and can be tailored according to different risk-return investment profiles.

For more information about the A5 Investment API and access request, please send an email to

User guide:

API - A5 Investment Doc

A5 Green Connect - Asset Origination API

The A5 Asset Originator API allows renewable energy project originators (such as financial institutions, regional banks, engineering companies and project contractors) to connect to the A5 Asset Origination Portal via their own systems or via web form. The API allows for seamless connectivity between project developers and the Alter5 platform to request project financing.

Via the API, the project/asset originator has full visibility about the project analysis and financing status.

Access to the A5 Originator API requires prior signing of the A5 Asset Originator Partnership Agreement.

For more information about the A5 Investment API and access requests, please send an email to

For more information about the A5 Asset Originator Program, please contact our asset origination team:

User guide:

API - A5 Asset Originator Doc