Developers | Sale of wind farms under development, RTB and operation

Sale of wind farms
in development, RTB
and operation

Through the sale and purchase program Alter5 allows developers wishing to sell projects in any stage (development, RTB and operation) to contact a pool of institutional buyers (funds, family-offices, large utilities, IPPs).

Maximize the price of your project

Distribute your project between more than 300 investors looking to buy wind and photovoltaic projects in Spain, choosing which investors you want to contact or not.

Probe the market before making a decision

The platform allows you to receive non-binding offers from investors around the world, and lets you decide which buyers you want to move forward within the process.

Construction plus sale and purchase

Additionally, projects close to RTB can receive a financing plus sale and purchase offer on COD maximizing the value of the project.

Confidentiality and control

The entire process is strictly confidential to safeguard the information provided by the developers, who decide to whom to provide information.

Submit your project and the buy-sell analyst team will contact you to provide information

Project information

(Select MW preferably with secured land and with environmental studies and basic project study)

Number of plants in which the MW for which guarantees are requested are distributed.

Status of the project*

Si se trata de proyectos con diferentes estados de avance, puedes seleccionar varias casillas

Type of technology*

Sale preference*

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